Quotation Formats

Make use of following quotation formats and cerate professional looking quotations for your customers and clients rapidly. Most of quotation formats are available in pdf format and some of them as editable easily to make essential alterations. A quotation can be explained as a seller or supplier generated document showing the statement of promise made by a supplier, seller or company to supply or provide mentioned goods or services to the potential buyer before mentioned date and time. It could be the very first step towards sales transaction that can make or break a sale so it must be prepared carefully with all required details.

Quotation is a professional way to let customer or client know about the cost of goods or services ahead of time that he or she want to purchase. It can be prepared by the seller or vendor after receiving a formal request for quotation made by customer. Buyers and customers often use quotations to find a best and suitable seller to buy required goods and services at reasonable rates. Majority of sellers and suppliers also use quotations as a best marketing tool to educate people about products or services of the company as well as to offer then goods on lower rates than market.

Quotation can be a written document or a printed slip of paper generated by computer. Aside from the size and nature of the business if you want to create professional looking quotations for customers free of cost then you are more than welcome to use our quotation formats provided at the end of article. An appropriate quotation template or format will work as a best alternative to costly computer program or software for generating computerized quotations without spending lots of efforts and money.

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Sales Quotation Format

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Sample Quotation PDF

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