Prescription Templates

A written order or message written by a physician or medical expert regarding the treatment or medication of a particular patient is names and prescription. It is also known as a written record of medicine or drugs that doctor suggests for a patient to use. It is one of the most important parts of hospital or medical stationary. As a physician or medical professional if you want to prepare professional looking simple prescriptions for your patients or clients, we suggest use of prescription template for you to design and print them on personal computer without spending lots of money and time.

There are several elements that make a prescription perfect. It usually consist of a symbol of “RX”, date, name of the patient, full address of the patient, suggested treatment or medication, name of the physician and signature etc. Contact details of medical professional or doctor like phone number, email or postal address etc can also be included in the prescription. Most of doctors also include strengths and uses of medication in the prescription suggested for the patient. Prescription can be a written document using prescription pad or a computerized printed document wholly produced on computer.

Printing agencies and stationary stores are best places to get prescriptions printed but if there is short budget and you cannot avail services of professional designer or printing agency in this regard, then try to use prescription pad templates given below here. Use of these templates will allow you to design personalized prescriptions with all essential details and information about patient and doctor. You can download prescription template free from here to build and print custom prescriptions quickly. These are equipped with convenient and professional designs and are print friendly which means you can print them via personal printer in required quantity.

Here Are Prescription Templates Free

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Prescription Pad Template

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Blank Prescription Templates

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