Payment Receipt Formats

Payment receipt is a document to acknowledge that payment has been received regarding a sales transaction or for any other particular purpose and payment receipt format lets you to create such receipts easily in minutes for your own business or company. As a seller who is selling products or services only on cash basis, you will need a document to keep track of sales transactions and payments received from customers and that is payment receipt. Professionally made payment receipts allow a seller or company to indicate all essential details about sales transactions and payments in appropriate manner.

A vital business document to record a sales transaction and payment details in written can be named as payment receipt. It usually consists off name of the company, date of transaction, customer’s name, products or services being sold, price per unit, total amount to be paid by customer, payment terms, mod of payment and stamp of the company as paid. It is useful document for both seller and buyer because it can be served as a written evidence of payment made for a recent transaction to get things right. Payment receipt format enables a seller or company to generate payment receipt in professional appearance.

Lots of costly software and computer programs are available in market to generate payment receipt automatically but use of such programs will definitely increase overall costs for the business so if you don’t want to spend large amount of money on generating payment receipt then try to use following payment receipt formats for this purpose. These formats are prepared by expert designers to help our users in making payment receipts. After making some basic alterations, a user can use payment receipt format for different payments such as loan payment, rent payment and sales payment etc.

See Payment Receipt Formats Here

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