Appointment Letters

Below you will find samples of appointment letter to compose a letter of appointment for personal or business use. These are customizable and prepared with mandatory elements that make an appointment letter perfect. Such letters are usually written by employer or human resources department of the company to officially request the selected candidate to join the company or business setting as per details mentioned in the job offer letter. Some people consider appointment letter as a job offer letter but there is huge different between both. Letter of appointment is written as the last step of recruiting process to confirm the job candidate as eligible person for the advertised job or position.

This letter is written to professional inform the job candidate that he or she has successfully been appointed for the mentioned position with a request of joining the company as soon as possible. It may also include job details recently discussed with the applicant such as job title, job description, list of duties and responsibilities, specified salary, other benefits and working hours to be spent each day etc. It serves as a final confirmation of employment and must be written in professional format.

As a member of the recruiting committee if you are responsible to write appointment letter for selected candidate, then we suggest use of sample appointment letter for you to accomplish the task quickly in best way. Use of a sample letter allows you to word the letter properly with all required details and info. At the end of article you will find collection of ingenious appointment letter formats to download. By doing this you can save time and efforts while writing appointment letter on behalf of the company or employer. You can also increase productivity by using appointment letter samples when writing them on personal computer.

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