Meeting Minutes Templates

Almost all meetings ranging from formal to informal require meeting minutes because effectively taken meeting minutes provide useful record of various meeting aspects and proceedings that can be used for variety of reasons. It is the written record of the meeting to let meeting attendees and non attendees know that what was discussed during the meeting. These can be written or recorded by meeting attendees for record keeping as well as to inform non attendees and other interested persons such as customers, shareholders and investors about things discussed and decision made during the meeting.

Meeting protocols and meeting notes are other names of the same document but always serve same purpose to its makers. In simple words it is known as written record of the whole meeting. It is the combination of topics covered, conclusions reached, actions taken and due dates of commitments. Detailed meeting minutes usually consists of meeting’s basic details like title of the meeting, date, time & venue along with the names of meeting participants, list of agenda items covered during the meeting, decisions made, details of follow-up actions committed to by participants regarding the discussed issues and deadlines for the completion of commitments reached at the meeting.

Meeting minutes are important as meeting agenda so one should take good care and pay full attention when taking minutes for a particular meeting. It could be a hard task to accomplish but use of a proper template for meeting minutes can give you a good start. Meeting minutes templates are added on this page to help you take minutes in professional manner. Simply choose a suitable format and put your own details in it to keep an organized record of a meeting.

Download Meeting Minutes Templates Below

Editable Templates For Meeting Minutes

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Minutes OF Meeting Sample Word Fromat

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Blank Meeting Minutes Format

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