Medical Certificate Samples

You are more than welcome to download and customize our medical certificate sample when want to create and print medical certificates for your patients or clients. A document prepared and issued by a medical expert, doctor, physician or health care professional after comprehensive examination of a person is recognized as medical certificate. It is a legal document that shows details about mentioned person’s health condition and medical issues if any. It is one of the most important documents in medical industry and can be prepared for variety of purposes.

Medical certificate usually consists of name of the person or patient, age, weight, details about medical issues or diseases, symptoms of disease, current condition of patient, treatment start date, treatment end date, name of the doctor and signature etc. There can be various reasons behind making a medical certificate. For example, a potential employer or company generally requires the job applicant to bring medical certificate from authorized doctor or medical institute to provide details about health and medical condition. They use this certificate to examine that whether the job applicant is physically and mentally healthy to carry out the job or not.

A traveler may need a medical certificate to get visa of any other country he or she want to visit. Students and employees can also use medical certificate to get sick leaves by showing current health condition or situation. MS word is the powerful and features word processing computer program that lets a user to make medical certificate in it. Hence medical certificate format can also be used to create such certificates on personal computer. An editable medical certificate sample could be a good starting point to make and print medical certificate free of cost.

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Medical Certificate Format

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