Certificate Of Employment

You will need a certificate of employment when a potential employer ask you to give written proof of previous employment history in order to get hired for a particular position or job. It is a document generated by employer or company to certify that mentioned employee is currently working in the company or business establishment. It is also used to confirm employment duration of a recent employee or worker. Certificate of employment reveals the employment relationship between employee and employer from the date of joining to till the time or resignation.

Employment certificate is another name of certificate of employment and can be used for variety of purposes in various walks of life. For example, a bank or financial institution may require the certificate to issue a loan or credit to employee. Sometimes it is considered as a vital part of loan application because bank can easily verify employee’s status and worth of repaying the loan with help of available details mentioned in the certificate of employment such as name, designation in the company, duration of employment, salary, credit worth and behavior etc. It is one of the most important confidential documents of the company and must be prepared accordingly.

Employment status of a person is an important part of good social identity that may be required for various reasons. En employee can get certificate of employment from the company or employer by making a formal written request for the certificate. Company policies and rules must be followed when writing a request for the employment certificate. There are some incredible samples of certificate of employment that an employer or company can utilize to create certificate of employment for employees or workers. These samples are available in MS word and PDF formats for convenience of our valuable readers and users.

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