Promotion Letters

Writing promotion letter is the professional way to announce the news of employee promotion within the business organization or company. It is a type of professional writing generally used for internal communication purposes to let promoted employees know about promotion to new posts or positions. It sounds like an acknowledgment letter to identify new roles of an employee under the promoted job title or designation. It tells the employee in detailed manner that what type of responsibilities the employee will fulfill and to whom he or she will be reporting from the effective date of promotion.

A promotion letter usually contain message of congratulations for the new promoted post along with duties, responsibilities and new roles of the employee. It may also contain new increased salary and other benefits that the employee will enjoy from next working month after promotion. A well written promotion letter provides the employer or company a professional way to let employee know about promotion granted based on his or her great professional skills, achievements and accomplishments etc. it is the best way to instruct employee about new duties and job responsibilities in detailed manner so the promotion letter must be written carefully with all necessary details.

A letter of promotion or promotion letter might be written by employer or human resources department. Large companies and business organizations often use standard formats to word these letters. However if you don’t have a  proper format to write a letter for promoted employee or worker then you should go for the bottom of this page because you will find highly editable and professional looking promotion letter formats there that can be used to write immaculate letter of promotion in short span of time. New details can easily be added in the selected letter format such as name of the employee, new designation and job responsibilities etc.

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